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German classes – evening classes

You would like to improve your German fast and effectively? You do not have time during the day but would like to join an intensive course? Then this is the right course for you.

Course content:

We will revise and extend your knowledge of German at your level with the main focus on communicative skills. All four skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) will be covered through concrete examples of day to day communication in daily situations or at the work place.

Group size:

3 to 6 participants per group. With less participants the amount of lessons will be reduced.

Dates and length:

You can book the course for one or more weeks. Per week there are four dates with 90 mins each from Monday to Thursday.


We offer courses at the following levels. Before the beginning of the course you will take our pre-test so that we can put groups together at the right level.

  • A1+: False Beginner
  • A2: Elementary
  • B1: Low intermediate
  • B2: Upper intermediate


  • Evening intensive course: 8 lessons per week
  • Monday to Thursday, 2 lessons each day
  • 3-6 participants per group
  • Cost: 96 € per week
  • When you book 4 weeks: 360 € (the weeks do not have to be taken at once, but need to be taken up to 4 months after the start of the course).
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